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How to correctly set up True Center Band indicator. custom NinjaTrader NT8 indicator

True Center Band is a responsive indicator, it will automatically adjust the bands based on the total number of bars loaded on chart.

Even if you use the same params for TCB and timeframe, you can get different plot with different chart settings.

In Ninjatrader the default setting for “Days to load” is 5.

Let’s try load TCB on a 60 Min chart for EURGBP with 2 different chart settings.

If we apply TCB on a chart with default chart setting ( “Days to load” is 5) we will get a chart like this one.

When we change “Days to load” to 20, the chart will look like this:

The above example shows that how TCB plots on different “Days to load”.

Please make sure you use the appropriate chart setting “Days to load”, otherwise you may not get your desired results.

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