True Center Band (TCB) indicator for NinjaTrader 8 NT8

This is the NinjaTrader 8 NT8 version of True Center Band (TCB) indicator

If you have purchased NT7 version, you can get it for free.


You might wonder, is there an indicator can show the trend, different levels of support and
resistance, and the boundary of price action? The answer is yes, True Center Band (TCB) indicator is
capable of doing all of them.

It consists of one center line to measure the center of price range within a given period,
and three channels (bands) represent different support and resistance levels.

True Center Band may look like some other indicators, such as Center of Gravity (COG) and polynomial
Regression Channel (PRC). But there is one major difference, TCB never repaints, because it is not
calculated by future data. Reliability makes TCB looks good, works better.

True Center Band is specially designed to work on all intraday charts (tick, mins, renko, range, etc.) and daily chart.
It also works on all markets (Stocks, Futures, Forex, Options,ETF, etc.)


For more details please check the NT7 version description.